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Alone and need to talk?

Crises like the Covid 19 virus often bring out the best in people and in Wretham a local woman is happy to lend a listening ear to those who are alone and feel the need to have someone to talk to.

Sue Brown, of Church Road says “I am in my seventies and am being asked not to go out and contact other people. I cannot simply do nothing and would be perfectly happy to have people call me for a chat if they are elderly, at home alone and need someone to talk to”.

“All they need to do is give me their number and I will call them so it will not cost them. I would quite happily sit and listen to whatever anyone wanted to say if it would help them keep contact with the world outside their home”.

She wonders whether there are others in the village willing to join in her kindly scheme since the over 70s are likely to be marooned in their homes, if they take Government advice, for anything up to the next three months.

If you are alone and want to talk- or if you would like your number made available so you can join Sue in reaching out to the lonely - then call her and speak or, if necessary, leave your name and number. Her number is 07515 69 59 48.